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Spouse cheating on you?  Never hire an investigator again!

We'll provide quick and easy "How-To-Spy" information for FREE.


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SpyingSpouse will provide you our FREE "HOW TO SPY" information, spying gadgets and product  recommendations, to give you answers almost immediately.  Having the right tools and tips makes finding the information you want quick and easy. We've done the research and share what we've learned about having the best products that won't break the bank, will provide you with quick documented information, and will leave all those questions behind. No need to get an investigator. You won't even need to leave your home!

These 4 Tabs to the left  provide you with all the information you need to do a quick invest-igation.  For best results use all 4, or you can just pick and choose the ones that best suit your situation .  Do not fear...they are all very easy to do.  

Computer Keylogger Spy Software:  How many times have you asked yourself, "What are they doing on that computer?" Well, now you can find out! This software is amazing, easy to install, and results can be viewed immediately from any remote computer.  Now you can find out if they are in chat rooms, who they communicate with, what websites they visit and more. This software is fantastic!  Be sure to check out the tab to the left to learn how you can incorporate this into your investigation.

GPS Car Location Tracking:  I love this one!  If you want to know where your spouse or loved one has been disappearing to, this simple tracking system will give you everything, and I mean everything. The information collected includes date, time, mapping, addresses, you can even drive their route and incorporate with Google Earth. You can purchase a system to provide you with the information live, or to save a little money, download the information to your computer.  Be sure to check this tab out to the left. You don't want to miss this one!

Cell Phone Spying:  Is your spouse or loved one attached to their cell phone?  Do they disappear to speak on their cell phone, talk in code,  hang up quickly when you are present or lie to you about who they are speaking with.  Maybe they don't even answer their phone when they are with you because of who may be on the other end.  Sound familiar?  If so, we're doing our research and testing now, but still share our preferred products with you. 

Spy Cameras: Sometimes you just have that feeling that something is going on in your house, things are moved or missing, a different perfume/cologne scent in your home, or an article of clothing left behind that doesn't belong to anyone in your home.  Want to know what is going on?  It's easy to find out with any of our wireless remote spy cameras.  Be sure to click on the Spy Cameras tab to the left for our recommendations!

Please keep in mind that it is legal to spy on items that you own or co-own, and laws on spying do vary in each state.


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