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Are you questioning who your significant other is communicating with on their cell phone?  Are they constantly texting, disappearing to talk, or just plain vague about who is at the other end?  Or, maybe you just have a feeling they aren't telling you the truth about all of these calls or text messages. That's why we added this page to our website.  Read about our recommended products below!

We recommend 2 very different cell phone monitoring products. Be sure to read about both because the information they collect are different.  Mobile Spy collects activity information, while Cell Phone Spy collects activity plus stored phonebook/contact information, etc. Cell phones are a little trickier to monitor because the software and hardware devices available need to be compatible with the phones on the market.  Though they are compatible with most, we do want recommend that you check with your service provider to see that your phone meets the specific requirements necessary to use these products. 


1.  MOBILE SPY for smartphones  - This spyware works with the following operating systems: Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and Apple iPhone. It is also compatible with the following services: T-Mobile, AllTel, Sprint, Cingular, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, O2, Virgin Mobile, and Vodafone. MOBILE SPY is not compatible with Blackberry, but does work with most smartphones.

How this products works - First, this product is for SmartPhones. Check to make sure your phone is considered to be a SmartPhone either through the literature your phone came with or contact your service provider to check. Once purchased, you will receive your receipt, login information, a password and installation directions via email.  You can then easily download the spy software onto the phone you want to spy on. The spy software operates in a stealth mode and is never visible to the user of the phone. After the software is downloaded, you can then program your setting with a simple sequence of keys.  Just follow the directions that are e-mailed to you with your receipt and user information.  It's a relatively easy set-up. Once set-up is complete recording of all activity of the target phone begins.  All activity information will silently upload on a continuous basis to your private spy internet account. The information collected can then be viewed remotely in real-time or at your leisure on either a computer or cell phone by a simple login. This system records everything, even those items that eventually are deleted from the phone.

What information can be retrieved - This product logs the daily activity as the phone is used. View call logs, text messages, URL's visited and more.

Advantages and disadvantages - This is a great product it you are interested in seeing what occurs on a daily basis on your target phone. We also like that you don't have to access the target phone to view information.  Another plus, you can view activities remotely, instantly and live. This product will not record phone conversations and is a web based service product which requires a commitment of 3, 6, or 12 months of service.

Support and refunds - MobileSpy has good support and will confer with you about a refund if you can not get the software to operate properly.

                This monitoring product can be purchased on a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month basis.               Mobile Spy for SmartPhones - Prices including service start at $49.97 - $99.97


For more information on this product CLICK HERE

Vendor Website

We highly recommend this product.!



2.  Cell Phone Spy Elite - This products is considered "deep forensic spy equipment".  It is easy to get all of the activity information, included what has been deleted off any phone if it has a SIM Card, a requirement for the product to work. Be sure to check the documentation of the phone to be sure that it does have an SIM Card, or call your service provider to check. 

How this products works - First, this product is a one-time purchase and does not require a service plan and you do not need to install any software onto the target phone. To start, just install the product software onto your computer, pop the SIM Card out of the phone you want to monitor, place the SIM Card into the Cell Phone Spy Elite and plug into your USB on your computer. 

What information can be retrieve - You can instantly view all contacts, phone numbers, text messages and last number dialed, or save the information and view it later. This device extracts even deleted information. Cell phone SIM Cards operate similarly to computer hard drives.  When data is deleted that doesn't mean it is gone.  It just isn't viewable anymore and information can be recorded over it.  As long as new activities haven't been recorded over deleted data, the Cell Phone Spy Elite can pull that data up for you to view! 

Advantages and disadvantages - We love that this device is very simple to use and the information you receive is including the entire phonebook, is incredible.  We also like that you have immediate access to the information or can view it at your leisure on your computer, and it is certainly an advantage that there is no need for a monthly service plan. You will need to have access to the cell phone you want to monitor though in order to retrieve information off the phone and you will not be able to listen to actual calls. 

Support and refunds - This product has great support and will refund your money if you fill out a return form within 5 days of receipt of your package otherwise it is considered a final sale.


Cost of the Cell Phone Spy Elite:  $199.00

      For more information on this product CLICK HERE.

Vendor Website



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